Friday, 15 September 2017

Zanti 2 Premium Full Version Pro Paid Apk Download 2018 Free

ZANTI 2 Premium Cracked Pro Full Version Apk Free Download For PC/Android/iPhone | How To Use Install Wifi Hack Platinum Apk XDA

Zanti Crack Apk

There are some apps for Android devices that are meant for advanced users. The ZANTI Premium Apk is one such application which helps in penetrating the network. Till date, zANTI 2 is being considered one of the best apps for Android devices. It is also referred as Android Network Toolkit (zANTI). Its main utility is for the IT Security managers for performing complex security audits. Additionally, it also replicates the advanced hacker’s capabilities that can be a threat to a corporate organization. All this is managed through this app.

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The Usefulness of zanti 2 app

  • This app successfully scans the network for authentication loopholes, backdoor and brute-force attacks, DNS and protocol related attacks and rogue access points. The scanning procedure of this app is drastically different and advanced.
  • Those in charge of the security systems can easily manage to evaluate the network of their respective organization. Any vulnerability present in the network or mobile devices will easily get noticed.
  • The final report of the diagnosing and scanning can make all the difference. ZANTI Wifi Hack Apk Download reports its findings in advanced Cloud-based reporting techniques.

Features of ZANTI 2 app

  • This app can successfully scan across the network.
  • It can show you the live statistics on the network.
  • Detailed scanning that includes port scanning with map scanning.
  • It precisely diagnoses each and every port to locate vulnerabilities.
  • Whenever necessary it can perform brute-force attacks.
  • As and when required it can also deliver Shell shock.
  • It can enable session hijacking.
  • Bands of SSL.
  • Packet-sniffing, replacing image and redirecting URL and IP addresses.
  • It can also intercept and modify accordingly while diagnosing live.
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How to download and install ZANTI 2 app

Before downloading the zANTI platinum apk app you need to ensure that your Android phone is rooted. In case, your phone is not rooted you can search for the technique online. There are several tutorials offering an insight on rooting an Android phone. Presently, most Android phones are above the version 2.3 so it should not be an issue. Follow these steps for downloading you can also use zanti for pc:
  • At first, locate a trustworthy download link for downloading zANTI Gold Cracked apk app.
  • Complete the required information like your name and e-mail and then click the download option.
  • A progress bar will show the status of your download, on completion of the download click on the apk file to install it.
  • Enable the Unknown Sources options and then tap on settings.
  • Follow the screen instructions and click on install.
  • Meanwhile, accept the Google check, ZANTI apk 2018 should be now installed successfully.
  • Lastly, accept the root privileges to make the app fully functional.
  • Preferably, save the file to your device’s SD card and access it from that location only.
Now, you are all powered up to penetrate any network and do the necessary scans to find vulnerabilities. However, as mentioned earlier, remember, this app should only be handled by professional or expert users.
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