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How To Remove Shortcut Virus From PenDrive/Computer/Laptop/PC in Windows 7/8.1/10

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From PenDrive/Computer/Laptop/PC & Windows 7/8.1/10 Using Command Permanently

How To Remove Shortcut Virus

Pen drives or Flash drives have become an important part of our life. We can conveniently carry data on them. However, there are times when the pen drives are affected by annoying viruses and there is little that we can do about them. One such irritating virus is the shortcut virus. In fact, this virus can also affect your computers and remove shortcut virus from computer windows, phones and memory cards. The distinct feature of this virus is, it changes files into shortcuts with folder icons. Those who regularly use pen drives must have encountered this usb shortcut virus remover software free download. However, it is not too difficult to eliminate this shortcut virus fixfolder and restore normalcy.

Methods of removing the shortcut virus from pen drive

There are three ways with which you can remove this virus and remove shortcut virus from pc. The first method is by using WinRAR, the second method is using the CMD(Command Prompt) and the third being the Shortcut Virus Remover Tool. Let us take a look at the steps one by one.
Using WinRAR
  • WinRAR is a common application. It is a File Archive software for Windows OS,  if you do not have it you can easily download it online.
  • Navigate to your Pen Drive location.
  • Then you should copy the contents of the pen drive and paste them at a secure location.
  • When a file is opened using this WinRAR software, no other processes will be able to run. Thus, the virus will not get executed when this software is in operation.
  • Perform a format of the pen drive, which is naturally going to remove the virus and you also know how to remove shortcut virus from pendrive using cmd permanently.
Using the CMD
  • In the Start Menu dialog box Type CMD or for older versions of Windows go to Start>Run>cmd.
  • Access the directory of the pen drive.
  • Then type this command attrib -h -r -s /s /d (pen drive name):*.* (Put the appropriate name of your pen drive in the bracket, for example, e: g).
  • Press the enter key once this is done, and your virus should be gone.
Shortcut Virus Remover
  • This is the last resort when the above two methods are incapable of removing the shortcut virus and you know that how to remove shortcut virus from laptop windows 7/8/10. Though in most likely cases, the shortcut virus should cease to exist.
  • You will require an Antivirus to remove this menacing virus. shortcut folder virus removal attrib command and how can i remove shortcut virus from my pendrive?
  • Once your antivirus is ready, perform a boot time scan, This means, the antivirus will scan your drives for viruses before the OS loads with the other programs.
  • During the scanning, the shortcut virus will be visible, simply delete it. if you want how to remove shortcut virus from hard disk. Then Read The Full Complete Article.
Points to remember
Before, commencing the removal procedure, do remember to disable the auto run feature of the pen drive. Always ensure to scan your pen drive before using it. After you have managed to overcome the problem, avoid using your pen drive in public computers, refrain from visiting untrustworthy websites and regularly update your antivirus to help you stay protected. So, as you can see, it is very easy to remove the shortcut virus from your pen drive by following any one of the above-mentioned methods.
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