Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Geometry Dash 2.1/2 App Apk Download Full Premium Version Free

Geometry Dash 2.1/2.2 App Apk Game Full Premium Cracked Hacked Version Mod Download For Android/iPhone & PC

Geometry Dash 2.2 APK

Gaming has penetrated the mobile world by storm. Presently, large revenue is being generated by the gaming industry with the help of mobile gaming. There is a myriad of mobile games being enjoyed by millions of people. Geometry Dash 2.1 Premium Version is one such addictive game for those who love playing games on their phones. In this game, players find themselves in a challenging environment while navigating in a square. The game truly tests your skills and even a small slip would mean starting the game from scratch.


The Geometry 2.1 update and download instructions

The update 2.1 was released on 16th January 2017 for Steam and the following day the update was released for iOS. This update introduced a new level comprising, Fingerdash, the spider mode, new jump orbs, dash orbs, custom gameplay orbs, red jump pad, a red 4x speed portal, 2 new shops, 2 new vaults (Vault of Secrets and Chamber of Time), daily rewards, shards (fire, ice, poison, shadow, lava and bonus), varied editor features, mana orbs, diamonds, vault keys, demon difficulties, the epic ranking, Gauntlets, Hall of Fame, quests, daily levels, death effects, more commenting features, options, optimizations, many new icons, colors, and many more features and more secrets.

The Geometry Dash 2.2 full version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iTunes for Android and Mac devices respectively. also recommend latest version geometry dash 2.2 download and geometry dash 2.1 apk free.

Features of the Geometry Dash Game

Basically, players need to jump and fly avoiding the possible obstacles and dangers. According to the developers of the game, the mission is a “nearly impossible” one. To succeed, you have to push your skills to the highest limit. It is not difficult to play the game. You simply need to touch/tap the screen. On a nutshell, the features of the game are as follows:
  • This is a Rhythm based game on an action platform.
  • You will find several levels, each of them includes new soundtracks.
  • You have a level editor with which you can build and share your levels.
  • As you progress, you will be able to unlock new colors and characters.
  • There are features like fly rockets, flip gravity and many more exciting options.
  • For brushing up your skills, you get to train on a practice mode.
  • Upon successful completion of a level, you are eligible for game center rewards for your achievements.
  • The game can be played by anyone.

A brief introduction on the gameplay levels

Geometry Dash Cracked Version has 21 levels, this includes 3 secret levels. You can also set the difficulty mode based on your preference. Levels are always classified on the difficulty, the Auto (easy in the official levels) to Demon; in order of the levels' addition to the game, somewhat but not completely in order of difficulty. Additionally, there are also custom levels. Only those, who have the full version of geometry dash 2.1 apk game will be able to play the custom levels. So download this game on your phone for testing your skills.
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