Sunday, 3 September 2017

Free Download Filza File Manager For iPhone No Jailbreak 9/10

Filza File Manager App Full Cracked Premium Hacked Paid Pro Version Apk Mod Download For iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak 9-10

The absence of a file manager in an iPhone and iPad can make things difficult to manage. Especially, when compared with the popular Android devices that have tons of features the absence of this feature hurts. After using your iPhone for a certain period it gets increasingly difficult to access system and media files. Again, Android devices give users the convenience of downloading third party apps, this again is not possible on an iPhone. The Filza File Manager addresses this issue successfully. Presently, the Fliza file manager app is becoming increasingly popular over iFile on the iOS devices.
Filza File Manager

Filza File Manager No Jailbreak

The Fliza file manager Cracked installation does not require you to jailbreak your device. Previously, this app was available for jailbroken devices on Cydia. Now, you can install Cydia without Jailbreak. Cydia is inbuilt with tweaks for your iOS device and eventually handling your device will become much easier.
The essential features of Filza File Manager

You can easily copy or move files to different locations on your iOS device.
It will be no longer an issue for searching files and folders on your device.
With the help of this app, you can use the list mode and grid mode including a thumbnail.
You will get the full liberty to compress and decompress files of various formats.
You will be able to make use of various customary themes, folder icons, and folder icon colors.
It will become easier to import and export the different file formats.
You will also be able to transfer files to Windows-based devices using SMB.
Most importantly, you will get the support of Cloud Storage like Dropbox, FTP etc.
The Fliza File Manager Premium Version is being constantly upgraded. This means you will be able to get many more facilities in the future. Do remember to update the iOS device to access all the above-mentioned features with the help of the app.

How to download and install Fliza File Manager

For downloading and installing the app without jailbreak follow the steps mentioned below:
Download and install Cydia on your iOS device without a jailbreak.
After installing Cydia on the phone search for “Fliza File Manager” on the search bar.
When the app becomes visible tap install, you should confirm the installation at first.
The initial installation process can take some time and it will show you the message, “Preparing and Configuring Fliza File Manager”. It is recommended not to do anything else while the installation is in progress.
After some time you will see the app says “Reloading Data”, which signals successful installation.
Return to Cydia and click on Fliza File Manager app for opening it.
Fliza File Manager is available for iOS versions 7/8/9/10. That it does not require to jailbreak your device is the biggest advantage. Else, jailbreaking your iOS device can cause problems later on. Hope, this guide is going to help you in installing Fliza easily.
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