Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Download Change My Software 10,8.1,8,7 Editions Without Survey

Free Download Change My Software 7/8/8.1/10 Editions App Apk Without Survey Full Latest Cracked Hacked Premium Pro Version

Change My Software App

Life without smartphones is unthinkable presently. Now, there are various versions of operating systems on which these devices run. Some of you might be concerned about enhancing the capabilities of your phone and to have a robust security. With the help of Change My Software, you can install various Windows versions on your Android device. Thus, you will be able to run both the Windows and Android operating systems simultaneously. There are no other available options currently other than the above-mentioned software to enable dual-booting on your phone.
Important points to consider before getting the Change My Software
Imagine, with the help of this software you are saved from the ordeal of buying devices randomly just for the sake of using different operating systems. The process of downloading and installing this software is rather easy. Additionally, you get the option to choose from several Windows versions. Be sure you are ready with the following prior to downloading the software:
  • You must be ready with a computer having a good internet connection and a Smartphone.
  • Keep a USB cable ready and ensure your phone has 8GB of free storage space.
  • As you can understand, this software is resource hungry, so it is recommended to have a good amount of RAM on the phone.
  • Further, you should be ready by enabling the debugging mode on your Android device.

How To Download Change My Software Without Survey

As already mentioned,the software comes in various editions, these are:
  • Download Change My Software Windows 8 Edition
  • Download Change My Software 7 Edition
  • Download Change My Software XP Edition
  • Download Change My Software 10 Edition
Generally, when you download the software from their official website, you ought to fill a survey. This survey can be a rather tedious process. So, you should consider getting the software without the survey with the help of zippy share, media fire or similar such websites. Ensure, you search for the software you are looking for on those websites.
Steps to install the software
When you are successfully able to bypass the survey and download Change My Software, go to the “Settings” of your Android device. Click on the options that will help the computer to be connected to the device. Generally, you need to check the option of USB debugging. Then follow these steps:
  • Start the Change My Software on your computer, then select the version of Windows you prefer installing. For example, Android>Windows 8 and click Next.
  • You will find a window that will download the necessary drivers. On completion, click on the install now button and the Windows version will get installed on the Android device. The device will restart after completion.
On rebooting, you will be able to see the Windows operating system along with the Android OS. Some people think the software is fake but that is not the case. There are so many people who have successfully managed to use dual OS on their Android devices.
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