Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Top Reasons Why You Must Go for Crypto Funds

Wednesday, May 09, 2018
The worldwide economy is unavoidably moving towards a digital ecosystem. Starting from money transfer to investment, all is paperless. However, the most promising and newest count to the digital payment sector is cryptocurrency.
Over the last few years, crypto fund such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, to name a few have been increasingly gaining the public attention. Following are some top reasons behind it.
The blockchain is one of the reasons why crypto funds have any value. Cryptocurrency is in demand because of its ease of use. All you need is an internet connection, a smart device and you become your money transfers and bank making payments instantly.

The ledger guarantees that every transaction between digital wallets can measure a precise balance. Every transaction is evaluated to ensure that the present spender owns the coins utilized. The public ledger is called to as “transaction blockchain.”

Further, the blockchain technology makes sure secure digital transactions via “smart contracts” and encryption, which create the entity virtually void of fraud and unhackable. Along with security such as this, blockchain technology is composed to influence almost every segment of our lives.

3.       FRAUD-PROOF
When crypto funds are founded, every confirmed transaction is kept in a public ledger. Every identity of coin owner is encrypted to make sure the validity of record keeping. Given that the cryptocurrency is decentralized, you own it. Neither bank nor government has any control over your crypto funds.

4.       LOWER COSTS
There are not normally transaction costs for crypto fund because the network pays the miners. Although there is no crypto transaction fee, a lot of people expect that the majority of users will employ a third-party service like Coinbase, which builds and maintain their bitcoin wallets.

Such services serve as PayPal for a credit card or cash users, offering the online exchange system for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and as such, they are to charge fees. It is amazing to note that PayPal doesn’t transfer or accept crypto funds.

Did you know that at least 2.2 billion people have access to mobile phones or internet who don’t have access to conventional exchange systems? Those people are aware for the crypto market. The M-PESA system of Kenya, a phone-based money transfer service recently declared a bitcoin device, along with one in three citizens now having a bitcoin wallet.

A worldwide network of computers employs blockchain technology to handle the database, which records crypto funds transactions mutually. That is, crypto funds such as Bitcoin is handled by its network and not any single central authority. In case you didn’t know yet, decentralization is defined as the network that works on a peer-to-peer or user-to-user basis. The systems of mass collaboration make possible are only beginning to be assessed.

To sum up, the future appeal of crypto funds lies in letting a person ultimate control over his money. It consists of lower transaction costs, and secure global transactions when compared to all prevailing currencies. 

Monday, 7 May 2018

How to Mine Bitcoin For Free on Your PC

Monday, May 07, 2018
How to Mine Bitcoin from Your PC?      
To understand how to mine bitcoin for free, you first need to understand Bitcoin technology.
 Bitcoin was first introduced way back in 2009. Wherein, people need more than a home PC to mine the world’s premiere and first ever cryptocurrency. Recently, the barrier to profit from it is far higher. However, if you want to mine Bitcoin, you can follow several steps. Mining includes more risk and monetary investment than another. But the possible rewards are greater.
If you want to buy altcoins or Bitcoins, you must be aware that nothing is guaranteed in the world of cryptocurrencies. There is a possibility that any investment can be lost. With this, you must make sure that you do reading before pulling out your credit card.
Cloud Mining
Bitcoin Mining Hardware
Bitcoin Mining Hardware

It is the practice of using mining hardware and makes someone to do the mining for you. Here, you are paid with your investment with Bitcoin. There are also circumstances that the hardware can’t be used in mining a Bitcoin.
Cloud mining has many detractors; it also requires smaller investment compared to personal mining. Therefore, it is suggested for you to have some research because there are companies that aim to be the best and even the largest have their detractors.
Step 1: Choose Your Mining Company
Genesis Mining is considered as the leading, largest and most trusted companies in the industry. In an interview with one of its customers, HashFlare currently told Digital Trends that one of its customers had receive profit using their service. Also, those who invested in Bitcoin can have the chance to gain more money. CryptoCompare can keep the list of mining companies with their ratings and reviews.
The first step in mining a bitcoin is to choose a mining company that will help you to meet your needs.
Step 2: Selecting A Mining Package
After you have chosen your particular mining provider, the next thing that you must do is to choose a mining package. It must include a specific amount of cross-referencing and hashing power with how much you can afford to pay.
If you pay more, you can get a better return. Most of the cloud mining companies can help you to choose by giving you a calculation that is based on the recent market value of Bitcoin.
Step 3: Choose a Mining Pool

Bitcoin wallet

When you already decided with your contract, your specific cloud mining company will ask you to choose a mining pool. Here, you must choose the best mining team to make the most of your bitcoin investment.
It is important to process to increase your chance of earning Bitcoin with mining. It is also a common practice in personal and cloud mining. If you join the best mining pool, you can attain your expectations with your investment.
After that, you can begin your cloud mining within few weeks or days. You must start your cloud mining account to fill with Bitcoin. You must plan on withdrawing and putting it in a safe wallet since some cloud miners will able to reinvest your earnings to increase hashing power.

Monday, 23 April 2018

How to Ensure Your Cryptocurrencies Are Safe

Monday, April 23, 2018

Written by: awokenpen

Adoption of Cryptocurrency has and continues to grow since 2009 when Bitcoin began to operate. A research by the University of Cambridge on Global Cryptocurrency in 2017 indicated that users of Cryptocurrency wallet were between 2.9million to 5.8 million. Even though there are precise records on present users, billions of dollars are currently being traded in form of cryptocurrency. 

This huge growth has no doubt made cryptocurrency theft a "booming business” for cybercriminals. Yes, as cryptocurrency mining continues, “crypto-thieves” will always be scheming to “mine” it straight from your digital wallet. 

How “Crypto-Thieves” Access Your Wallet

-Adware Spoofing and Phishing Techniques

While Cryptocurrency technology is built to guarantee security, how you handle your own wallet remains your biggest risk. Cryptocurrency transactions are online…and yes, online will always harbor hackers’ traps in form of malware and spyware. 

So…you key in your correct web address for your cryptocurrency transaction…but what happens? A hacker’s adware discards your genuine address and replaces it with its own! And there you are, poor victim of Spoofing Transaction! 

Another trap: You get attracted to a Cryptocurrency trading website or an email that appears genuine. You innocently type in your wallet password which is readily taken by a “cyber-thieves” to access your wallet and milk it dry! Another victim of website phishing!

But…there is good news! You can keep your Cryptocurrencies safe and secure. You, however, have to be super disciplined, and adhere to the following steps or requirements: 

Step 1. Use Only A dedicated device with a secure Internet connection.

Safe Bitcoin Wallet

-Dedicate only one device for your cryptocurrency transactions. Using any device available to sell and buy cryptocurrency means creating rooms for more online risks. 

-Ensure that the network you are connecting through is secure. If available WI-FI is public, do not use it simply because it is free! It can easily translate to someone accessing your digital wallet publicly free!

-Use your private data bundle if you can, but ensure that your connection is well encrypted. Without encryption, your connection can as well be tapped into by crafty individuals who have mastered the art!

Step 2. Ensure Your Device is Safe

-Ensure that the computer or laptop you are using has a valid and updated antivirus installed. Remember your WI-Fi connection may be secure, but there are others waiting online for any vulnerable device to invade.

-If you can, use Linux Operating system as it is not prove to virus attacks as Windows Systems. 

Step 3. Use Private Email with Strong Passwords

-Your password is the gate- key to your digital wallet. Ensure you have passwords that are difficult to guess or even remember! Just remember… it is only you who should remember it! A combination of letters, caps and character symbols are recommended for very secure passwords. 

-Avoid using names or years that those closer to you can easily guess. With your Cryptocurrency wallet, there are no friends or relatives who should come closer to guessing your password. The more complex your password is, the better, and the safer!

-Do not form the habit of storing passwords in your computer. Remember there are software that can instantly extract all stored passwords. You do not what to risk, do you?

-If you keep your password away, ensure its absolute safety. Having its backed-up is a good practice. 

-Only login on configured devices recognized by your transaction website. This ensures that in case of irregular login, you are notified accordingly for quick action.

-Consider 2 Factor Authentication(2FA) to all your wallet accounts
-Though mobile authentication is convenient to many, they are vulnerable as cyber criminals can still hack your phone numbers through special applications.
-To allow for quick recovery of your password if you forget or may be lose it, develop a mnemonic phase. People forget, even geniuses! 
-Consider storing your password in Lastpass which is a secure password manager that hackers cannot invade.
-Use a private email and not the one you use in social media platforms like twitter or facebook. This will keep you safer from roaming online attackers.

Step 4. Ensure Your Wallet Data is Encrypted

Cyber security

-Ensure that your wallet data in your PC is well protected by using a highly secure zip software or encryption tool. This ensures that keys in your wallet cannot be irregularly accessed. 

-Using a passphase which is a feature in bit-coin core, you can easily protect your wallets.data file using PC commands.

-For mobile phone, a PIN can be used for encryption. 
-In Linux operating systems, either LUKS or Cryptsetup can be used for effective encryption. 

Step 5. Always Analyze Emails, Web Addresses, and Amounts

Security person

-Always be keen on emails you receive so that you do not fall victim of phishing. 

-Never follow links to either a web-wallet or a bank when making Cryptocurrency transactions. 

-Before sending money, take time to verify that indeed the address displayed is the correct one. Be keen on both the amount and transaction fee being displayed to ensure they are all correct. 

Step 6. Have More than one Wallet to reduce risks.

-Do not put all your eggs in one basket! Your hardware wallet may get damaged or simply get lost.

-Have more than one wallet such as Trezor or Ledger. This allows you to securely configure your key, and access your wallet with no hassle.

Step 7. Always Back up Your Data

Cyber Hacker

-Never take chances with your Cryptocurrency data or wallet. If your computer crashes, it may be 
impossible to retrieve all key information. Having your wallet data backed up offline and locally ensures your data security.

-Third party companies providing Crypto Security services such as LedgerHQ or Trezor can also offer you a secure data storage if you choose to use their hardware.

8. Have Both Core and Multicoin Wallets

-If you are not a frequent trader, consider core wallet for cold storage which is buying and keeping currency for an extended time.

-If you are a daily or frequent cryptocurrency trader , go for multicoin wallets.

-f not actively trading, do not hold your crypto-currency in multicoin wallets as it will be exposed to risks. Hackers will smell it to devour all its contents!

Step 9. Share Details with a Trusted Family Member

-As an investor in cryptocurrency, identify some one you can trust! This can be the person you want to inherit your investment. 

-At an appropriate time, provide them with access…this will ensure that your investment remains in safe hands. 

So, as you invest in cryptocurrency, think security! No one but you, can ensure that your cryptocurrencies are safe.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Cryptocurrencies Explained

Monday, April 16, 2018
Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity these days. In fact, they’ve become a global phenomenon known to a lot of people worldwide. Though still somehow not understood by most people, the government, banks, and many other companies truly recognize its importance. If you search the web, you will find news and information pertaining to cryptocurrencies and digital currencies.
However, despite the press releases and the noise, an overwhelming majority of people, including developers, bakers, scientists and consultants have a limited knowledge about it. They even lack the understanding of the basic concepts.
To help you understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, explained here are some of the most important points to keep in mind regarding the topic.

What exactly is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual or digital currency designed to be secure and, in most cases, anonymous. It also works as a medium of exchange. It utilizes cryptography to verify and secure online transactions and control the creation of new units of a certain cryptocurrency. In essence, cryptocurrencies are actually limited entries in a database that not anyone can change unless particular conditions are fulfilled.
The Cryptocurrency Anatomy

Though there can always be exceptions to the rule, you can find several factors that make digital currency different from various financial systems of the past. To fully understand cryptocurrencies, it is important to know its unique characteristics and what makes them unique. These include:
   ·        Cryptographic. Cryptocurrencies use a system of cryptography or encryption to verify transactions and control coin creations.
   ·        Digital. Unlike those traditional forms of currency that are defined by a physical object, cryptocurrencies are digital. A digital coin is stored in a digital wallet and then digitally transferred to the digital wallet of other people. There are no physical objects that ever exist.
·        Decentralized. Majority of currencies that are circulation are mainly controlled by a centralized government. This means that the creation of such currencies can become regulated by a third party. On the other hand, the transactions and creation of cryptocurrency are an open source, relying on peer-to-peer networks. Not a single entity can affect the virtual currency.
·        The use of Proof-of-work. Many cryptocurrencies utilized a POW system. Proof-of-work schemes use a computational puzzle that is easy to verify but hard to compute. This is necessary to limit the possible exploitation of digital currency mining.
·        Pseudonymity. Cryptocurrency owners keep their virtual coins in a digital wallet that is encrypted. The identification of the coin holder is stored within an encrypted address they can control and not attached to the identity of a person. The link between you and your digital coins are pseudonymous instead of anonymous.
·        Open Source. Digital currencies are usually open source, which means that anyone can join or use the network or developers are able to create APIs without any fee.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Cryptocurrencies are self-contained systems that can control and monitor every unit of cryptocurrency. Every individual unit serves like a piece of data that moves around a network. The units of cryptocurrency can be as small as 0.01 dollars or as big as one billion dollars.
They use different timestamping schemes in order to avoid the need for any third party just to verify transactions that are added to the blockchain ledger. The most popular digital currency, Bitcoin, uses a POW scheme, known as Mining. Other virtual currencies obtain a similar result with different approaches that are sometimes labeled Consensus Platforms or Consensus Protocols.
Individuals who confirm transactions through breaking cryptographic codes are referred to as miners. Mining is known as the process of creating digital coins.

The Best Cryptocurrencies

The first cryptocurrency to efficiently provide proof of the viability of a cryptographic-backed money supply that’s open to everyone is Bitcoin. From the viewpoint of public adoption and market capitalization, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in today’s market. But, it is important to note that there are nearly one-thousand different types of virtual currencies available in the market today. Among those many choices, different digital currencies provide more benefits than others.
Newer digital currencies like Ether are referred to as the crypto assets. They utilize their native token ether in order to power a decentralized digital machine that can execute P2P smart contracts. Some cryptocurrencies like Litecoin also deliver a much faster confirmation time other bitcoins. Just like when you’re shopping for a new phone, the best cryptocurrencies are those that fir your specific requirements.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

When bitcoins were first introduced in 2009, every bitcoin was valued just less than one dollar for a while. Then, in 2014, 1 bitcoin was valued more than one-thousand dollars. Today, the price of a single bitcoin is almost $8,000.
The market of cryptocurrency is just less than a decade old and it still remains small compared to the world’s global financial market. With the size and nascency attributes of cryptocurrency, investors should be reminded of the fundamental rule of investing in the market: the lower the return, the lesser the risks and the higher the return, the greater the risks.

Buying Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are gaining so much popularity in the market today. This leads to many providers of digital currencies available. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased at many different stores or providers online. However, you must ensure that you have a plan on how you are going to store the cryptocurrency in a digital currency before buying.
For first-time buyers, they may find the buying process of cryptocurrencies to be quite overwhelming and difficult. However, they also consider it to be very rewarding. Purchasing cryptocurrency through several reputable online providers can be done with the use of a debit card or credit card.

NOTE: Just like everything in life, there may be tax implications to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is a must that you fully understand those tax implications before buying and using digital currencies. Make sure that you understand the process and how everything works, so you would fully benefit from using digital currencies. 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Download Byju's The Learning App Latest APK Full Latest Version Free

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Download Byju's The Learning App Cracked Premium APK Full Latest Version For Android/PC/Laptop

byju's learning app for class 12 download
Today’s world is ruled by the gadgets. Understandably, the young minds will always be attracted towards them. Like, the smartphones have become indispensable for everyone as it serves a lot of purposes.  These phones which in the majority are using Android operating systems are not limited for your pastime only. You can enrich your knowledge with some really good educational apps. Forget those boring ways of opening a book and trying to understand it. You now have the BYJU’S The Learning App to learn things in a completely new way. The app covers a vast range of people. It starts from the syllabus of Class 6-12 to competitive exams such as JEE, AIPMT, CAT and more. many people are looking and searching how to hack byju's learning app without root and how to get byju's videos for free many more. but don't worry about it you will get byju's free subscription and everything what you want in this fully helpful article.

Exceptional features of BYJU’S The Learning App

  • Video Lessons: Of course, you must have come across such tutorials on YouTube on many occasions. But, byju's app full version is an interactive session. The study materials have been handpicked by the most renowned teachers of the country. No matter, if this is being used by a teenager or someone trying to prepare for a competitive exam, they will definitely love this new way of learning things with hack version of byju's.
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  • Covers the entire syllabus: As already mentioned, the videos have been made by the best teachers of the country. They have ensured all the aspects are covered that includes the syllabus of respective classes and competitive exams. Undoubtedly, the acceptance level will be much matter with this mode of learning. 
  • Comprehensive analysis of your skills: This is the big difference of learning when compared to the conventional methods of learning. When you study from a book, you do not know how well you are prepared for the exam. With the help of byju's cracked offline mod apk, you can constantly track your progress. This gives you added confidence and you know, there is nothing stopping you from getting an excellent result finally.
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  • Individual mentors: Naturally, the level of intelligence is not the same for everyone. Some of them can be over inquisitive and some may want to get another explanation. In such cases, byju's premium apk hack has a solution for you. The best teachers are only a tap away from you. Just select the teacher you want to interact with and they will be more than happy to help you.
  • Adaptive learning: As mentioned above, the intellects of students are not same. When you commence learning from byju's mod apk download, you can learn according to your merits. This adaptive learning procedure is going to help anyone.
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byju's learning app for class 11 download

Downloading instructions of BYJU’S The Learning App

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android users. Even the PC users can make use of the Android emulator Bluestacks to download this fascinating learning app on their computers. Always look to get the full version of the byju's learning app cracked apk download free for the maximum benefits. It is available for download on many websites if you are not able to get it from the Play Store. So, what are you waiting for? Give your learning spirit new wings and enjoy studying in a completely new way.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Hotstar Premium Email Account UserName And Password 2018 Free

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Free Latest Hotstar Premium Email Account Username and Password 2018

Latest Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password
Presently, there is a host of apps that let us watch our favorite TV programs on the go. The Hotstar app is one of the leading apps in this genre. Now, we never miss out on the important games, TV serials or even catching up with the newly released movie. Most Android users may have noticed, this app requires a Hotstar premium account to be able to watch certain programs or to catch the live action of games. Surely, some of you wonder if there is any possible method to trick and activate the Hotstar premium account, that too for lifetime. Well, the good news is, this can be done.

The benefits you get when you become a premium member

  • You will be able to see all the foreign programs live in this app earlier than it is scheduled to be telecast on Indian Standard Time.
  • You will have access to all the newly released English, Hindi and your regional language movies and shows.
  • With the help of this app, you no longer need to use the browser. All the premium shows can be played via the app.
  • All the shows are of HD quality. You can even watch them on your PCs.
  • The Game of Thrones TV show, which is currently such a craze, you can watch it too.
  • How to get the Hotstar app for free
  • Preliminarily, you need to download the Hotstar apk. Then visit the Hotstar premium link and click on “Subscribe Hotstar Premium”.
  • Next, click on “Start Your Free Trial Now”.
  • You will be prompted to enter your credentials for signing up. So,complete this step at first.
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Activating the free lifetime membership

  • Now, for activating the lifetime free membership, you will need a virtual card. This can be any one of the following, Freecharge Virtual Card, Payzapp Virtual Card, udio Cards, Pockets By Icici Cards, Oxigen Wallet Virtual Cards.or you can also use Rupizo Virtual Card.
  • When the app prompts you to enter information about your debit or credit card select any of the virtual cards above.
  • Suppose, you select freecharge, open the app with your credentials, visit the profile section and click on “Get Freecharge Virtual App”. You will need to create a Mpin, then again enter the mpin and instantly your Freecharge card copy with all the details will be generated.
  • Only Rs. 5 will be deducted from your Freecharge account which will be refunded within a week.
  • Now, simply fill up the details of your card to initiate the free trial.
  • When your free trial expires, simply uninstall and re-install the Hotstar app and sign up with a different e-mail id. Thus, you can create virtually unlimited accounts.
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Lastly, you can also look up to some of the websites that supply the credentials for signing up the premium account of Hotstar for free. Understandably, these are in high demand, so the theory of “the early bird catches the worm” will be applicable here. That is it. Enjoy your mobile TV app for a lifetime.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Download Avast Premier License Key File Activation Code Generator 2018

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Free Download Avast Premier License Key File Activation Code Generator Till 2018/21/26/38/50

avast premier antivirus till 2021

Those who use computers, laptops or smartphones regularly would already know the importance of an antivirus. Presently, life without internet is unimaginable. However, the internet makes our devices vulnerable to various threats. Without the protection of a robust antivirus, things can get haywire soon. You might already know about a lot of good antivirus software. The avast premier 2018 license file free download is undoubtedly one of the best in this genre. Even the free version of the same antivirus is widely being used by users worldwide. Of course, if you are an advanced user and require an extra level of protection you should get the Avast Premier software. You will, however, require a license key to fully activate it.

How to activate the Avast Premier for free

  • You have to search online for genuine looking websites for the working license keys. It should not take too long for you to find them. When you have located it, download the premier version and install it on your device.
  • The second step would be to download the activation file, which will generally be a separate file and save it on your device.
  • Then you have to open the avast premier activation code list and click on Settings>Subscription.
  • Now, click on the “Insert License File” button and upload the downloaded file which you had saved separately on your device.
  • That is it! Your Avast Premier antivirus is now activated.
  • You can possibly also try another method and that is locating the license keys. Yes, there are many websites that give away the Avast Premier license keys for free.

The advantages of using Avast Premier

  • Agreed, the Avast free antivirus is fully capable of wading off the pests that might become a potential threat to your PC. However, the Avast Premier does come with an extra layer of protection. Now, all your important documents, pictures, videos and files are completely safe.
  • One of the best features of avast premier serial key crack download is, it now enables cloud-based protection for your PC. Additionally, it has the auto-update feature, which will update the essential add-ons as and when they are released.
  • There is also a Ransomware shield. This is a very useful tool to protect your files from being encrypted. It also protects the transactions of the users since most of us have become habituated in making online transactions right now.
  • Your recurrent problem of getting spam messages or Wi-Fi theft can also be efficiently taken care of by this software.
  • The avast premier activation code generator antivirus is compatible with all the working versions of Windows PCs.
As already mentioned before, there are many antivirus software at present. Each of them promises to deliver state-of-the-art security features for your PC. However, some of them are notorious for slowing down your PC’s performance. You certainly would not want to make your PC sluggish in order to make it more secure. Avast Premier does not have this problem. You will be able to work on your PC with the same efficiency as you did before installing it. Reviews and testimonials also give Avast Premier big thumbs up.

Future Version's

avast premier 2017 license key (till 2026)
avast premier license key till 2050/38
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